Now you can own 1-800-Insurance for your local market.

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1-800-Insurance Benefits

  • Great for local marketing
  • Become more competitive
  • Easily remembered by customers
  • Increased response rates
  • Long term branding effect

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High Impact Advertising

Vanity numbers can dramatically increase advertising response rates.

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Welcome to the 1-800-Insurance website. Here you will learn everything you need to know to make an informed choice, and determine if owning 1-800-Insurance is right for your business.
As a member, you will own the exclusive rights to use 1-800-Insurance for your local media market, based on the area codes in which you conduct business. For example, if you are located in San Diego, you would advertise the 1-800-Insurance vanity number on your signs, store front, banners, vehicles, letterhead and business cards, direct mailers, billboards, etc. All callers from San Diego responding to your ads are instantly connected directly to your current business telephone lines.

At the same time, callers in Houston dialing 1-800-Insurance are directed to our Houston member. The same in Seattle, Chicago, Miami, Minneapolis and so on across the 200 major markets in the US. Each member owns their territory exclusively. Therefore, out of the 234,677 insurance agencies currently in the US, we only have room for 150 to 200 members. Territories are leased on a first-come-first serve basis.

5 Reasons to Join 1-800-Insurance

#1 It Works: Adding a good vanity 800 number to your advertising has shown to increase call response up to 14 times that of a regular telephone number. This isn’t complicated. It’s logical that if people can have instant recall of your phone number when they need your product, they will call you first.

#2 Affordable:  A vanity number cost less than a small Yellow Page ad. Since it will increase your advertising’s effectiveness the number actually saves you money and therefore the cost is nothing.

#3 Exclusivity: You choose the territory you want to own for 1-800-Insurance. Once you acquire the rights to those area codes, no one can take them away from you unless you decide to cancel.

#4 The Number describes your product: People dialing 1-800-Insurance are calling for insurance, period. Because you made it simple for them to contact you – it will be the FIRST call they make. This is a huge advantage over your competition.

#5 The Website: Once the network of our members is in place will convert to a consumer site. People searching for insurance on the internet, will find you through this website. The group buying power of all our members will allow Tele-Name Communications, Inc. to purchase keywords such as “auto insurance” at Google and Yahoo to assure these websites are always in the top results of the search engines. With a simple click of the mouse consumers will be directed to your website.

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